Terms of use
  • Online casino Matrix interacts with users on the basis of the public agreement presented below.

    To exclude misunderstandings that may arise between the user and Casino, we strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with all the clauses of this agreement.

    The subject of this agreement is to regulate the interaction between the user and the online casino Matrix in all that relates to the order games and making financial transactions on the real and virtual money, participate in promotions and bonus offers.

    The Agreement shall enter into force upon its publication on the casino site:

    1. Register your account at the casino

    1.1. Register at the casino is available to people over the age of majority, according to the current legislation of the country of which they are, as a rule, it is 18 years or '21.
    1.2. By registering an account on the site User fully and unconditionally accepts the terms of this agreement.
    1.3. User is obliged to use their own account only and has no right to transfer access to your account to third parties.
    1.4. User is obliged to keep their registration information in a place not accessible to third parties.
    1.5. User is obliged to inform the casino on the misuse of your account by third parties, in the shortest time in any way possible.
    1.6. One individual may have only one casino game account. Creating multiple accounts of one currency per person, family, home, the IP address for any environment where computers are used by different people, on a computer account in a payment system or a bank card is strictly forbidden and is considered as cheating the casino administration.
    1.7. If you suspect that the user in the minority or fraudulent administration of the casino Matrix may conduct verification of personal data and confirmation of suspicions, reserves the right to block such a user account, to stop payments to the user and deny access to the casino in the future.

    2. Financial issues

    2.1. The user assumes full responsibility for the use of the software the casino Matrix, as well as possible financial risk when you play for real money.
    2.2. User - the only party that is responsible for the legality of the use of their personal gaming service, according to the law of the State of which he is.
    2.3. When depositing funds into the account the user must exactly follow the instructions available in the instructions for making a deposit in the "Cashier". Ignoring the obvious prohibitions and restrictions referred to in this section relieves the casino is not responsible for the listed funds.
    2.4. All incoming and outgoing payments conducted through Matrix casino software and the casino account financial partners.
    2.5. If you find proven failures in the casino software and its partners, the casino Matrix has the right to cancel incorrectly assessed funds from the accounts of the user, and undertakes to reimburse all amounts incorrectly written off or is not charged to the accounts of users within 7 days from the date of such failure.
    2.6. To deposit funds to your account balance at the casino the user must go to the "Cashier", choose the payment method, specify the amount of payment and make a payment by following the instructions set out on the payment page. After successful payment of the balance of the account will be credited with the amount of the deposit and in the "My payments" will display information about the payment. To display the user must win on the page "Cashier" apply for a withdrawal.
    2.7. Payments of winnings in the casino Matrix performed 5 days a week (Mon-Fri) from 10:00 to 18:00 Moscow time. Application processing output usually takes less than 6 hours. Timing of receipt of funds to the account of the user can be from 1 to 6 days, depending on the method of withdrawal. More details of the enrollment deadlines listed on the "Methods of Payment".
    2.8. After ordering the payment of money is debited from the account, and not "frozen". The player retains the opportunity to play for the money, but I have to make sure that the amount in the account remain sufficient to pay for applications. Otherwise, the application is canceled.
    2.9. After the payment is sent to the user notice of the transaction.
    2.10. Casino pays out making a deposit in the currency of payment and the method by which the deposit was made. Exceptions are cases where such a transaction can not be carried out for technical reasons or financial constraints. The final choice of the method, timing and currency of the payment is made administration of the casino Matrix.
    2.11. Casino does not charge commissions when you make a deposit and withdrawal of funds. The Commission may be charged by banking institutions and payment system operators, to which the administration can not affect the casino. Exceptions are cases where the turnover of funds (sum of rates) is less than triple the size of the deposit. In this case, Matrix casino reserves the right to charge a fee of 6-10% of the total output (deposit) for the compensation for the execution of payments costs.

    3. General terms and conditions for the bonus and promotions

    underwritten terms and conditions are valid for all bonuses, promotions and advertising campaigns (hereinafter - bonuses), held in the casino. If the user wishes to take advantage of the casino bonus, it automatically accepts and agrees to comply with all terms and conditions, as well as the specific conditions of the bonus, if any, specified in the description of the bonus.

    3.1. Bonuses offered users the sole discretion of the casino. All bonuses have only one purpose - to extend the process of the game, giving the user additional casino credits.
    3.2. Casino reserves the right to change the terms or cancel them bonuses without notice. Users wishing to receive, or to receive a bonus, undertakes to monitor the changes in the rules on the casino site.
    3.3. Using casino bonuses to enrich an abuse.
    3.4. Register more than one account at the casino for a name, a family, physical or IP-address, is also abuse.
    3.5. Members seen in abuse, are denied the right to receive casino bonuses, all accrued bonuses will be canceled. In the case of regular violations your account may be blocked.
    3.6. The bonus is only valid at the time, which is stated in the ad or the notification about the bonus or the promotions page.
    3.7. The user has the right to decide independently on the use of the bonus.
    3.8. Loyalty program applies to all users of the casino from the time of their registration.
    3.9. For all bets committed in game mode for the money in a special account user Comp Points are awarded (hereinafter - CP). The exception is the game from Microgaming - Microgaming slot machines; roulette, except roulette Marvel; Card games except Jacks or Better (P); lottery; bingo and live games. If the amount exceeds the minimum CP at any time desired, the user can exchange the CP by real money that will be credited to the real money account.
    3.10. One Comp Point (CP) is calculated for each bet RUB 5 or more, for the USD or EUR accounts - ekvavilent. If the bid amount less than 5 RUB, CP will not be charged. The exception is the slot machine Mega Jack and Unicum - CP awarded to them based on the amount of bets for the game session. If the user is in the process of playing the slot machine Mega Jack and Unicum for 1 session will make bets on the 5 1 RUB - then he has accrued 1 CP.
    3.11. For participation in the battles of casinos subject to the general terms and conditions for bonuses and promotions.
    3.12. The battles are open to all registered users.
    3.13. Participants of battles, all users automatically become a casino, playing the corresponding games. The battles do not take part in the following games: games of Microgaming - Microgaming slot machines; roulette, except roulette Marvel; Card games except Jacks or Better (P); lottery; bingo and live games.
    3.14. Taking into account only the stakes in play mode for the money during the battles. This rate should be equal to or greater than the minimum bid for participation - 5 RUB.
    3.15. The stakes in the double game are not counted.
    3.16. Time, number of prizes, the prize pool and awards to the winners of each battle are announced in the announcement and/or on the page carried the battle.
    3.17. The winners are determined by the number of fights earned, during the time of the battle, CP.
    3.18. Current score users involved in the battle, is shown on the promo page of the battle. To update the data in the table - refresh the page.
    3.19. Earning awards takes place for 1 hour after the end of the battle.

    4. Responsibility

    4.1. Casino is not responsible for the legitimacy of the use of gambling services by the user, and is not liable for failure to comply with the user rules and conditions listed above.
    4.2. Casino Matrix agrees not to disclose to third parties the personal information users and information about financial transactions made by users.
    4.3. Casino is not liable to the user in case of transfer of account access to the casino to third parties.
    4.4. Casino Matrix is not responsible for obtaining registration by third parties and/or other user data through hacking his e-mail box, or lost/stolen mobile phone.
    4.5. The User agrees to use the casino software only for personal, noncommercial use.
    4.6. The User agrees not to reproduce or publish any of the functional elements casino design elements, text content, or videos. All materials on this site casino Matrix ( fall under the copyright law of intellectual property.
    4.7. Casino management has the right to amend the rules and conditions of the casino without first notice. All conversions take effect from the moment of their publication on the casino site.
    4.8. In the event of differences in view of the interpretation of the rules between the user and the casino final decision rests with the administration of the casino and is not subject to appeal.
    4.9. By accepting these rules, the user agrees that the casino will notify him of all the events taking place in the casino via e-mail provided during registration, or other means.
    4.10. Priority method of communication "Casino - User" is the e-mail specified by the user during registration.
    4.11. By clicking "Register" on the site user confirms that he fully acquainted with the text and unconditionally agree to comply with all terms and conditions set forth above.

    5. Details

    5.1. Website:
    5.2. E-mail:
    5.3. Company name: Matrix Casino N.V.
    5.4. The license for the provision of services - 1682/JAZ.